Our family arrived in Bangkok in August 2023 for a three year tour assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. We have two children with autism, aged 13 and 15. Having learned about our assignment only 6 months prior to arrival, we had to conduct a lot of research about schools in a short amount of time. Rose Marie Academy (RMA) was very quick to communicate with us, and evaluated our documentation and media to conclude that they could provide admission letters to both of our sons. We felt that their team was very thorough and confident in the admissions decision. The RMA teachers were welcoming to us upon arrival and worked with the parents on finalizing an education plan. RMA arranged school bus transportation from our home in Nichada, and we are happy with the bus driver and bus monitor. RMA’s teachers are lifelong educators that give individualized attention to their students, including Ms. Rose Marie herself. There is discipline and structure, but also a lot of room for creativity. RMA has been very open to parent feedback. They have worked to add additional activities to make a complete program for our son. We are pleased with the school’s documentation of progress. Our son looks forward to school every day and comes home happy because he has enjoyed a tailored program that celebrates his strengths: math, foreign language, computer, art, music and more.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Olivia Jorjani

Olivia Jorjani

I would like to thank you for the education you have given me and what you have taught me in the 1.5 years I studied at RMA. I have learned so much, not only educationally but also socially. The positive spirit that you and the teachers had/have by convincing the students that they were able to achieve the individual goals they had. It’s a way of thinking (mentality) that I use daily right now as well. Otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Lisa Hordijk

Lisa Hordijk

Enrolling at Rose Marie Academy is the best choice if you want to enroll in an English Program in a good university in the future. Although, Rose Marie Academy is a small school, it has students and teachers with big hearts and beautiful minds. You can meet new friends and teachers and learn new things from a whole different environment.
All subjects are taught by experienced professional teachers, and I’m sure that your child will enjoy learning with them. All of the homeroom teachers are fluent English speakers.They are from many different countries and some of them have been teaching for over 15 years.

Yanisa O. Klongklaew (Julia)

Jay’s time at Rose Marie Academy has been extremely wonderful. There is no doubt that he has received the attention and support he needed to develop his skills further and to further achieve. Jay has spent 12 years in this school and it has proved that Jay has perfectly fitted into the school environment.

He has gained and developed many attributes in both academic and non-academic subjects. Moreover, the teachers have always been watching over him and making sure that Jay is going on the right path. Teacher Rose Marie and Khun Wanchai have given Jay tremendous motivation to never give up and teacher May has always given Jay full support. Also, Teacher Kala, Teacher Colin, Teacher Hasan, Teacher Maxine and Teacher Alyson are the few names we have given that have never stopped supporting Jay in his time in this school. Also, Teacher Finola who showed Jay what he is capable of doing.

We definitely made the right decision by placing Jay in this school. Finally, we are thankful for the support from all the faculty. This place truly feels like home.

Hemu and Jyotsna

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Hemu and Jyotsna

I love to learn at Rose Marie Academy. Rose Marie Academy has many subjects and may friends. Rose Marie Academy makes me better in English, Spelling, Grammar, and Math. Rose Marie Academy has a big football field outside of a dining hall. I play everyday after lunch. The classrooms in Rose Marie Academy are big. They can contain a lot of students. Rose Marie Academy has three floors. The first floor is special subjects, second is for Primary School and Junior High School, and third is for the Senior High School.

Rose Marie Academy school uniform is very good because it is different from other schools, like a polo shirt and long pants, and another is P.E. uniform which has a shirt with the Rose Marie Academy logo in the middle.

I like learning in Rose Marie Academy in Junior High School because the subjects are hard and learning hard helps me to do the easy ones.


The music teacher helps and teaches us to play many songs and instruments. We have two bands. Our teacher takes us to many places to pay our songs outside school.

We have a blue sports court for soccer, badminton, basketball, and P.E. We have practice for sports teams. We have a good teacher who helps us to play different kinds of sports. When we started having a soccer team the teacher let us design a logo and shirt which was good. Then we chose which one was best.

The best thing I ever had in this school was when we took our field trip to Northeastern Thailand. Most schools allow grades 5-8 to sleep over just for one field day but ours was more than 5 days. We learned a lot from where we went.


I have been thinking about my life in Rose Marie Academy. I have been studying in this school for a year now and I have improved a lot in myself like, I have done very well in my studies and my English speaking.

The education in this school is very good because all the programs are interesting like the English programs. The program helps me to improve a lot in my English. I.C.T. helps me improve my computer and multi-media skills and the math program helps me to have a chance to improve my mathematics skills.

The sports and the Physical Education class help me to improve my fitness and soccer is one of my favorite sports in this school, also basketball and badminton.

The school is very safe and very convenient for travel. In this school we have a very big difference to my previous school because the teacher in that school did not give much attention to me but the teachers in this school give a lot of attention to me and it has helped me a lot with my school work.


I was thinking about school a bit. I thought about some of the things I really like and just some general thoughts. I really like how its an international school even though it is small. It’s also interesting working because of how many different ages you work with due to skill tracking.

I like how it has a cozy feeling because everyone is working together. It feels kind of small, but that is just because it is. It has multiple floors tho, so it’s not that bad since we can all manage. There are not many people to become friends with, so your class and people from other classes become your friends. Also, there is a lot of time to become friends with everyone during snack and lunch times.

This is a very international school, but there is still mainly Thai students. The cafeteria makes food for everyone though and they have a lot of variety everyday. There are not many Americans compared to Asians though, so I can see why they make mainly Thai food.

It is interesting to study here because there is a lot of difference in classes because of skill tracking. It makes more variety in the age and level of working. There are also different holidays than the holidays I celebrate like Song Kran.

Everyone works well together here. No one fights when we are doing things like making models in math or when we are playing soccer or basketball. We just try to talk and help each other or ourselves win. It is fun playing in the sports court because I didn’t have anything like that in my old school.

It is very nice being here, and I have a lot of friends and fun in school. I hope that the school stays open for a long time even though I am leaving a year and a half from now. It is fun and the education I get is really good.


I really like it here at Rose Marie Academy. It has different kind of atmosphere compared to other schools. There are no strict teachers and no loads of homework. Most of the lessons (especially the specials) are quite enjoyable. Even though Rose Marie Academy has a small campus, I enjoy this school.

The education here is different. There is a winder range of learning. Along with this variety, this school also teaches useful skills. The teachers aren’t strict, and the lessons are fun. I also like the class meeting, which I didn’t get at my old school. Skill tracking makes this school different too.

Somehow, this school has a jolly bright atmosphere. In Rose Marie Academy, there is less stress, probably due to the bully free environment and reduced strictness. Everyone seems to be happy.

The schedule is really convenient since I don’t mind waking up an hour earlier. The lockers make it easier for me to organize things. The food is better than most schools I have been to. However, I really like the long breaks which allow students time to eat and play.


When your school has over 1000 students, it can be almost impossible for you to personally know every single person in your year, let alone your class. If you ever fall behind in class, or don’t understand something, most or the time the teacher won’t drop everything to help you. This, however, is not the case at Rose Marie Academy. It’s a small school, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Small class sizes mean way more attention from your teachers. Not only will they notice if you have any problems but they’ll also have time to help you too. You’ll also find friends more easily, as the smaller classrooms create a warmer, less daunting environment for friendship. Say goodbye to the I’m-always-ignored vibe. Of course, you wot’t know till you try it yourself, so what are you waiting for?

Panupong Sriudom (Bank)