Child Center Field Trip to Molly Fantasy and Kidzoona at The Walk Kaset Nawamin

The Child Center C1 and C2 classes enjoyed playing in an indoor playground at Kidzoona. The imaginative play area featuring a shopping market, ice–cream shop, kitchen, post office, and bakery was the center of attraction. From there, they rode bikes and cars around, played in the sand and in the sensory toy play area. They went on the bouncy slide, the large bouncy rolling wheel, and enjoyed the puzzle section. Everyone had a fun time and were totally absorbed in playing.

A Wonderful Educational Experience

Students from C3 and C4 classes went on a field trip to Pa Jeep Farm on Friday, December 13, and enjoyed a memorable day. After a warm up song with our guide, we were introduced to the goats and allowed to pet and feed them. Next we visited the ducks, cocks, hens, and baby chicks. Each student had their own chick in a small basket to pet. They learned how the chicks were hatched and were given an unfertilized egg which they carried to the kitchen area. Here the students made mini doughnuts, cooked their egg to make an omelet, and fried organic pak boon, which they had picked, for their lunch. Probably the highlight of the day was meeting the buffaloes and being brave enough to sit on one!
A great day for us as everything was well – organized, and our guide geared his explanations to the age of the students. Certainly we would recommend Pa Jeep Farm as a good family day out.

Share and Care

During the month of November Child Center students have been sorting through their toys to find those that they had outgrown or no longer played with. These toys were solemnly placed in boxes for donating to less fortunate children.
On Monday, December 9, Sally Elliott, Chairperson of Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach, came to Rose Marie Academy to meet the students and receive the donations. She asked them to imagine their homes without any toys and told them that the toys that they had given would make some little boy or girl, who had no toys, very happy.
The young students learned a valuable lesson in sharing their possessions and caring for those less fortunate.

Sports Day 2019

December 4, 2019, was a pleasantly cool day for the wide variety of physical activities offered on sports day. After the official opening by Khun Wanchai and the traditional torch relay, the fun started with everyone – students, staff, and parents joining in a warm-up retro-fitness dance. Teacher Bobby was M.C. for the occasion and besides giving the order of events, cheered and encouraged full participation and good sportsmanship. The students enjoyed the games, carefully selected to allow for age-appropriate skills and interests. The most popular games by far were those in which the parents gamely joined – tug of war, basketball, and soccer.
A great time was had by all, and we look forward to next year’s fun. Thank you to everyone involved.


The committee for review and selection of the most honorable clinical psychologists of the year 2019 under the Thai Clinical Psychologists Association finalized their decision in selecting the most outstanding clinical psychologist of the year 2019 – Mr. Wanchai Chaiyasit, Deputy Executive Director and School Psychologist of Rose Marie Academy. The award was presented at…

Storytelling Fair

All children love to have stories read to them and Child Center students are no exception. On Friday, November 29, students from the Upper Primary class visited the Child Center as storytellers. The stories were chosen with care bearing in mind the age and interests of the listeners. The storytellers practiced reading in an interesting way beforehand in order to capture the imagination of their young audience.
Thank you Upper Primary students. We really enjoyed your visit. Please come again.