Then and Now

After studying Switzerland for International Family Day C3 students moved on to learn about Thailand. The students were able to contribute a lot of information about, food, animals, flowers, and places of interest from their own experience. On Thursday, November 21, we invited two grandmothers into the classroom to answer questions about life in Thailand when they were small girls. The children were surprised to know that then children had to walk to school, did not eat at Pizza Hut or Mc Donald’s, and did not have mobile phones, laptops or even computers. Televisions were only available to a few families.
It was an interesting session, and we should like to thank Khun Udomsin Taweesriumnuay, Minseung’s grandmother and Khun Pranee Boonyarit, Great’s grandmother for sharing their childhood memories with us.

Senior High School’s Romeo and Juliet Experience

The high school’s much awaited excursion to see William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” live at the Alliance Francaise Theater did not disappoint. For an hour and forty-five minutes students were immersed in the lives and loves of a young couple from Verona and their feuding families. Due to background work over the past few weeks the students’ knowledge of this classic was solid, enabling them to follow the story’s plot easily and thus adding to their enjoyment. The cast put on a fantastic production and even allocated time at the end of the performance for students to ask any burning questions. On the way back to school we made a quick pit-stop for a bite to eat to appease some very grumbling stomachs! The teachers agreed that our students’ behavior was exemplary on this trip!

Srinakharinwirot University Bangkok

On October 22, 2019, Teacher Maxine was invited to deliver a lecture on the topic “Inclusive Classroom: How to Communicate with Special Children”. The audience comprised 22 undergraduate students who are all education majors. Teacher Maxine spoke about inclusion in its true sense and the pioneer work carried out at Rose Marie Academy. She gave information, both formal and informal, about the challenges that at least one in five students face at school. The audience was interested in practical tips in recognizing these challenges and helping students come to terms with these, and also how to seek professional help when needed. An interesting question and answer session followed.

Rose Marie Academy staff members support Nichada Thani’s Halloween celebration

Rose Marie Academy joined Nichada Thani in celebrating Halloween on October 31, 2019, at 3 p.m., with the theme: “Halloween Haunted House, Nichada Lost in the Jungle.” Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without trick or treating and not looking like something spooky. So staff members and students of Rose Marie Academy added some excitement to the party by doing face painting and transforming children and others’ faces into Halloween classics. It was indeed a magnificent occasion.