Senior High School’s Mini Flea Market 2020

Despite this flea market being somewhat smaller than previous years it went off with a bang, Oscar style! Khun Rose Marie and Khun Wanchai kindly graced us with their presence, whereupon they opened the show and were given the “red carpet” treatment. Once the official opening was over eager shoppers from all corners our school found something to spend their money on, wisely or otherwise!!

Planting Day

February 28, 2020, was Planting Day in the Child Center. The children learned how to plant seeds and look after them. They chose and planted their vegetable seeds in individual pots to watch them grow in readiness to transplant them into the Child Center Organic Garden. Mung beans were also set out for germination in the classrooms. C2 and C3 ate the bean sprouts with fried noodles and mixed vegetables as a tasty snack. We named this “Beany Snakes”.

The Blue Planet Exhibition 2020

On Thursday February 27, 2020, Rose Marie Academy students staged an all
campus exhibition. The theme for this exhibition is Myths and Legends. Students
were asked to develop a personal response to this theme using a variety of
two and three dimensional materials including recyclables. Senior High students
created large scale images based on Norse Mythology for this event.