Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Upper primary students turned their latest social studies theme into a community project. They designed and created educational games for students in the Child Center using recycled materials. They are very aware of the importance of good environmental practices and all use metal straws for their drinks rather than straws made of plastic or paper.…


Students in Lower Primary were very happy to return back to school after weeks of holiday vacation and the COVID-19 stay at home policy. Upon returning, the students read an informative story about kites.  They were so interested in their beginning in China and fascinated with their many shapes and colors that they wanted to…

A Box Full of Goodies!

A Box Full of Goodies! 2021 began with a welcome surprise of delicious snacks and goodies kindly donated to the Rose Marie Academy staff by the Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Company, located in Bangkuntien Bangkok. The Rose Marie Academy staff are very appreciative and wish to extend their gratitude to Mae-Ruay Snacks for their very…

Panyapiwat Institute of Management

On Thursday, December 17, Rose Marie Academy welcomed visitors from Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) to explore ways in which the institutions could offer mutual support in the coming year.  PIM is expanding its many existing courses and facilities whilst offering new ones in line with current employment trends and opportunities for young people.  These…

Holiday Cookies

Upper primary students had great fun making holiday cookies to sell to their friends.  A large batch was made and decorated and involved many math concepts such as measuring, counting, proportion, and fractions.  The cookies were sold out and pronounced delicious.  The monies raised provided, by popular demand, a fish and chips lunch on the…

International Family Day 2020

Rose Marie Academy celebrated International Family Day on December 4, 2020. Parents were invited to participate virtually due to the Covid-19 situation. America, Nepal, England, Russia and the countries of ASEAN were studied by the different classes. Students performed dances and shared information and food from their country. Everyone participated and enjoyed the different cultures.…

RBT ABA Training

ABA is a therapeutic strategy used to teach positive behaviors to people in various settings. This approach focuses on providing individual treatment plans to increase desired actions in individuals while extinguishing unwanted behaviors over time. It involves keeping track of data in order to note patterns of behavior and respond to them accordingly. Moreover, it allows teachers to teach independent living skills.
Through ABA training I learned ways to work with children who have particular behavioral attributes in order to increase their chances of attaining their goals. With this ABA training and some guidance in hand I will be able to provide the kind of intervention that is helpful and productive. Lastly, the strategies I learned in this approach will guide me to teach children the concrete skills they need in order to perform many of life’s functions independently.
Shalie Leigh C. Cabie
Rose Marie Academy
I truly enjoyed the Registered Behavior Technician Training Program I took part in at Rose Marie Academy. The program was conducted by Louis Malik, and his presentation was rich in methods and strategies on how to improve socially important behavior that have been clinically proven to be effective. Some of the things that stood out for me were the observation of behaviors and systematic data collection, the methods and techniques applied to positively impact behaviors, and how I can use this knowledge as a tool to reinforce positive behavior in my work as a preschool teacher. I am certainly more confident in dealing with behaviors and observing children in my classes.
Marlin Oliveros
C2 Homeroom Teacher
Rose Marie Academy

Food Sampling

England is famous for its Fish and Chips which were traditionally bought wrapped in newspaper and eaten with the fingers. Students in the upper primary class ate vast quantities and declared them ‘yummy’.
An equally enjoyable occasion was breakfasting on toast and marmalade which was also a great success and an energy-giver for the rest of the day.