SALT International School Visit to Rose Marie Academy

Rose Marie Academy recently welcomed students and teachers of SALT International School from Seongnam-si, South Korea to their new campus. Students engaged in numerous fun activities throughout the day. It was a day of enrichment as there were meaningful cultural exchanges and genuine connections and friendships formed among the students. Everyone finished the day having…

Rose Marie Academy’s Field Trip to Kasetsart University Fair

On Thursday, February 9, 2023, Rose Marie Academy organized a field trip to the Kasetsart Fair held at Kasetsart University on Ngam Wong Wan Road, Bangkok. The fair, known for its focus on agricultural and food products, was a fascinating and educational experience for the students. The fair showcased a wide range of agricultural products,…

Sold Out! – Life Skills Program – Taj’s Garden

Taj opened his shop today. His produce was all sold within 15 minutes. Customers were enthusiastic about their purchases and were looking forward to Friday’s opening. The bananas, in particular, were reported to be very sweet. DSC_0213DSC_0217DSC_0221DSC_0222DSC_0226DSC_0231DSC_0232DSC_0237DSC_0238DSC_0242DSC_0248DSC_0251DSC_0255 View all galleries

Tree Planting

All students were enthusiastic about planting trees labelled with their own name at school today. The project was aimed at enhancing our campus both aesthetically and environmentally. Students will be able to monitor their trees’ progress throughout the school year. DSC_0075DSC_0095DSC_0092DSC_0090DSC_0082DSC_0078DSC_0053DSC_0060DSC_0070DSC_0071DSC_0072DSC_0073DSC_00491669689732965 View all galleries