Lower Primary On Line Learning

On line learning has enhanced the learning experiences for Rose Marie Academy’s first and second graders. Students log in on the exact minute by watching their clocks. They listen quietly and wait to be recognized before speaking. They practice their computer literacy by sharing their screen, downloading videos, post work, print worksheets, and check their…

Teacher May Visits Senior High School

Teacher May kindly came to talk to some of our 10th grade English literature students to recount her life experience escaping communist China back in the early 1950s. Students have been reading excerpts from The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. When they heard that teacher May had gone through something similar to the narrator in The Joy Luck Club they were eager to meet her, listen to her explanation, and ask questions.

Fire Victims

The Rose Marie Academy Foundation donated money to support the victims of a fire which occurred on January 15, 2021 in Soi Samakkee 6 Nonthaburi.
The victims were composed of 10 people and a few of them were blind.

Bakery by Dek Dee Hero Donation

On February 8, 2021, donations of foodstuffs and bakery and café preparation and serving pieces were donated to Bakery by Dek Dee Hero by representatives of Rose Marie Academy Foundation. The Bakery is a project begun by the staff of Thanksgiving Home, a charity in Nonthaburi Province supported by community members. 123 View all galleries

Sarah Flies Away

Students in C3 and C4 have watched Sarah, the caterpillar, grow fat on lime leaves. On Saturday she turned into a fat pupa and on Monday emerged as a beautiful butterfly. We released her in the garden and she flew happily away to “goodbyes” from the children. We now await the emergence of her friend Mac, a fat pupa. The children are now very familiar with life cycles, especially that of the butterfly.
A big thank you to Khun Ping, Caroline’s mum, for bringing in breakfast every day and pupa sitting on the weekend.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Upper primary students turned their latest social studies theme into a community project. They designed and created educational games for students in the Child Center using recycled materials. They are very aware of the importance of good environmental practices and all use metal straws for their drinks rather than straws made of plastic or paper.…