RBT ABA Training

ABA is a therapeutic strategy used to teach positive behaviors to people in various settings. This approach focuses on providing individual treatment plans to increase desired actions in individuals while extinguishing unwanted behaviors over time. It involves keeping track of data in order to note patterns of behavior and respond to them accordingly. Moreover, it allows teachers to teach independent living skills.
Through ABA training I learned ways to work with children who have particular behavioral attributes in order to increase their chances of attaining their goals. With this ABA training and some guidance in hand I will be able to provide the kind of intervention that is helpful and productive. Lastly, the strategies I learned in this approach will guide me to teach children the concrete skills they need in order to perform many of life’s functions independently.
Shalie Leigh C. Cabie
Rose Marie Academy
I truly enjoyed the Registered Behavior Technician Training Program I took part in at Rose Marie Academy. The program was conducted by Louis Malik, and his presentation was rich in methods and strategies on how to improve socially important behavior that have been clinically proven to be effective. Some of the things that stood out for me were the observation of behaviors and systematic data collection, the methods and techniques applied to positively impact behaviors, and how I can use this knowledge as a tool to reinforce positive behavior in my work as a preschool teacher. I am certainly more confident in dealing with behaviors and observing children in my classes.
Marlin Oliveros
C2 Homeroom Teacher
Rose Marie Academy

Food Sampling

England is famous for its Fish and Chips which were traditionally bought wrapped in newspaper and eaten with the fingers. Students in the upper primary class ate vast quantities and declared them ‘yummy’.
An equally enjoyable occasion was breakfasting on toast and marmalade which was also a great success and an energy-giver for the rest of the day.

Making Kratongs

Loy Kratong is one of the most important cultural celebrations in Thailand. This year it took place on Saturday, October 31. Students made kratongs from traditional materials such as banana tree trunk, banana leaves, and fresh flowers during Thai language classes. Thanks to Teacher Bill for supporting the teachers in making this activity a truly enjoyable learning experience for the students.
The unique colorful kratongs look amazing!

Cupcake Company

Cupcake Company
Upper Primary students learned, in a practical way, about “Trade and Commerce” by forming their own company. They chose a manager, accountant, and sales executives and then advertised to the students in the school that they would be selling home-made cupcakes on Wednesday, October 14, at morning break. The students learned about mass production, gross profit, net profit, and dividends. It is always essential to have a good product and the cupcakes were all sold in 15 minutes. It was an enjoyable experience with a 50 baht dividend for the company shareholders.

Senior High School Field Trip – Andy Warhol

Senior high school students headed by our Art teacher were exposed to original artworks by legendary pop art icon Andy Warhol which are being showcased at River City, Bangkok.
Andy Warhol was the leading artist in pop-art culture and well-recognized for his silkscreen paintings Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962) and Marilyn Diptych (1962).This private collection of original pieces, all of which he created in the 1960s, gives an alternative outlook towards the artist, representing his more private side that is close to his European roots.
Our students had the opportunity to take photos of themselves with some of the interactive artwork on display and learn a little more about Andy Warhol himself. At the end of the trip students talked about their favorite piece in the exhibition.

Natural Disasters

Upper Primary students started their study of “Natural Disasters” by looking at the structure of the earth and making models to show the different strata. A practical experiment showing how a volcano erupts using play dough, baking powder, and colored vinegar generated much excitement and called for several repetitions by popular demand.

Professional Day at Rose Marie Academy

“A Great Day to Learn Together!” It was a great experience for our academic staff to learn together at our Professional Day on September 11, 2020.  Mr. Bill Fear, our ICT specialist, shared with us about “Online Learning with Learning Management Systems” which would be implemented if school were to close down again. We also…

Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling The Lower Primary students experimented recycling paper. They followed the simple steps by first tearing used paper into small pieces, then soaking them in water overnight, and finally blending the mixture in a blender with more water. The mixture was poured into a large container and then scooped onto a fine mesh wired…