Visit from Silpakorn University International College

Rose Marie Academy Senior High School welcomed Professor Richard McKenzie from Silpakorn University International College (SUIC) on September 22, 2023. SUIC’s programs are Business and Technology, Luxury Brand Management, Hotel Management, and Digital Communication Design. Students were treated with an eye opening presentation of information to help expand their horizons and refine their goals and…

Upper Primary Students 3D Integrated Arts Social Studies Project

Upper primary students are conceptualising, designing and creating their own 3D integrated arts social studies project using language arts (message), visual arts (the images using different textures and materials) and social studies (understanding and explaining the different types of pollution). 1893_01892_0S__11411468_0S__11411467_0S__11411466_0S__11411465_0S__11411464_0S__11411463_0S__11411462_0S__11411460_0 View all galleries