Rose Marie Academy, for me, is a “home”. Unlike others, I spent my whole life at this school. I started from Kindergarten all the way up to high school, and graduated in 2014. It’s a small school filled with lots of warmth. Everyone is like part of a family – students, teachers, and staff. Everyone knew each other. I was very happy studying there. The school meant a lot to me. Leaving Rose Marie Academy was like leaving my home. Teachers welcomed all kinds of students, and they helped me get past rough times in my life. Not just in school, but my life problems as well. Thank you.

Vanilla Proamboon (Yam)

My time at Rose Marie Academy was great and not like other schools that I have attended before. I made many friends and have many good memories of school field trips to other countries – Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, China and Vietnam The most important thing for me was the high school teachers that were very helpful and paid close attention to me and understood my strengths and weaknesses in all of the subjects that I had to study – math, social studies, English, science and art. Without the help of the high school teachers, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate from Rose Marie Academy and enter the next stage of my life which will be studying at Stamford International University Rama 9 Campus, Creative Media Design. Two other people who I would like to thank are Khun Wanchai and Khun Rose Marie for accepting me to study at Rose Marie Academy. Without Khun Wanchai and Khun Rose Marie I wouldn’t know which school to attend. Also, I would like to thank all of the high school teachers for working with me and understanding my homework and schoolwork.

Thanchanok Phataraprisit (Mai)

Thank you all for your help during our daughter’s time at Rose Marie Academy. After leaving RMA her grades in high school in Toronto were all A and A+, and she received scholarship offers from every university to which she applied. She has amazed herself and us. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you for the help received during her first three years of high school and for providing the excellent foundation she needed to excel.

Senior high school student parent

Primary School Parent

Our son has attended Child Center at Rose Marie Academy for almost three years (C2 – C4). We think that this school is a wonderful place for every child. It was a right decision that we chose this school for our son. Before, our son really did not like to go to school, but after joining C2 at Child Center, Rose Marie Academy, he continually developed to be an active person and happy to participate in any school activity. Not only does he enjoy going to school, he also learns a lot at the same time. He has developed to be more confident, and his English skill has improved significantly. At C4, the academic curriculum is well-prepared and suitable for both English writing and mathematics in order to be ready for primary school. The teachers at Rose Marie Academy are highly experienced and give close attention to individual children so that they can develop at their own pace.

Lastly, we are grateful for Rose Marie Academy for taking great care of our son, for all your hard work and effort. Learning from a good teacher is an experience that sometimes can be more profound than the curriculum itself. We believe that a small school with a big heart like Rose Marie Academy is the best choice.

Child Center-C4 Parent

Child Center at Rose Marie Academy provides a nurturing and fun environment with small classrooms and with individual attention. My daughter has truly enjoyed and benefited from her 3 years here.

Parent of Child Center C4 student

We had a chance to join Sports Day 2015. I would like to say thank you for the nice activity. From the heart, nothing to say more than the word “happy” because I am happy to see that my child is happy here.


Rose Marie Academy offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where their professional, dedicated, and compassionate staff create an optimal setting for learning. Their skill track programs are designed to address the children’s individual development, while they work closely with the teaching team as well as families. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for everyone’s dedication to AJ. We spent so many years to find a better “School” for AJ. Here, Rose Marie Academy, filled with professionals that believe in AJ and will challenge him to reach his potential. This is the place where AJ was confident and celebrated for who he is Thank you so much to all the fantastic teams.

Parent of Primary Level 4 student

Since our daughter started attending Rose Marie Academy, her academic learning and confidence have greatly improved, and she has become much more independent. She enjoys going to school and is unhappy when she has to miss a day.
Your hard work is much appreciated.

Parent of Primary Level 6 student

Our son, Kip, graduated high school today from Rose Marie Academy.   When we first came to Thailand, we were very concerned that Kip was going to have a challenge finding a school here.  A nearby school was not a good fit for him.  Then we discovered Rose Marie Academy.

Our first impression of Rose Marie Academy was one of a happy, welcoming atmosphere.

Khun Rose Marie, the Academic Director, and Khun Wanchai, the school counselor, made a good team explaining the school’s program.  The school allows students to work at their own pace and ability.  This was a big advantage for our son.

The teaching staff all worked to help Kip get to this day.  The core teachers spent a lot of time helping Kip and making sure he kept up with the program.   We are very appreciative of their efforts and dedication in enabling him to graduate.

John & Lori Onderdonk