Dear All,The year 2006 was a very important year for our lives, my wife and I were looking for a school for our son where he could get a complete education, all under one roof.We moved around all over Bangkok, but we did not feel satisfied. However, our search ended when we learned about Rose Marie Academy. When we saw the school, we fell fully satisfied, and we feel that had we found what we were looking for. As a businessman, I travel around the world, and I have seen parents who are very much worried and concerned about their child’s education as it is really very difficult to get the right place to fit the needs of our children.

As a father whose son attends the Rose Marie Academy, I want to advise you that this school is a wonderful place for our child and for your child, too. The atmosphere in this school is very welcoming which makes it a place very convenient for learning. As a matter of fact, there are small classes that allow teachers to give more personal attention to each student with this, surely, students are behaved, and they are properly guided. Indeed, the design of their curriculum is fashioned to the unique needs of each student. Feel free to inquire and talk to the teachers.

The Complete Education Hub

Rose Marie Academy is a small school where students, teachers, and school personnel have a close relationship in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The school’s distinctive features are that they have highly-experienced teachers who are experts in taking good care of students’ individual needs and enabling them to learn to the best of their ability at their own pace. The most impressive aspect is that every student is given close attention.

Parent of Primary Level 2 student